Long-term Escrow Services

Guardian Title offers a variety of services to accommodate seller/buyer financed transactions such as Contracts for Deeds and Long-Term Escrow service for personal or business loans between private parties.

Our long-term escrow services apply to both real and personal property purchases and loans.

Guardian Title accepts, disburses and maintains accurate records of all payments to loans.

Working as an independent third party, Guardian Title provides the following in long-term escrow services:

  • Accept, disburse and maintain accurate records of all payments to loans

  • Documents are readily available for inspection by both buyers and sellers

  • 1098's and 1099's required by the IRS are filed by Guardian Title Inc

  • Upon payment in full of an escrow, appropriate deeds and/or re conveyances or other documents are recorded, with originals sent on to the buyer.

Guardian Title escrow services will make your seller-financed transactions safe and convenient.

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