Proud to be Park , Meagher and Sweet Grass County’s only locally owned and operated full-service title and escrow company serving Montana since 1983


Why Choose Guardian Title?

We are the most trusted name in Park, Meagher and Sweet Grass County for Title Insurance and Escrow Services. Guardian Title Inc. goes the distance in serving the communities within this tri-county area.

At Guardian Title, we believe in building strong relationships within the communities we serve - and these partnerships are the cornerstone of every closing, every transaction and every deal brought to us. Our highly skilled team work hard to enable and protect real estate ownership for our residential and commercial customers.

Guardian Title uses two underwriters to issue policies: Stewart Title Guaranty Co. and Fidelity National Title Insurance.  We use both to insure the best real estate protection coverage no matter the size of the investment in both commercial or residential property.

Guardian Title is proud of their tradition of donating to a local non-profit every month. We feel participating in the  community in this way helps in the overall success of living and working together. Some of the organizations we support are the Counterpoint Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Elks Lodge, Local VFW, the Shane Lelani Center for Arts and Culture and the Livingston HealthCare Hospital and Clinic and the Park County Public Library.

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504 E. Callender Street Livingston, MT 59047


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“We strive every day to be the hub of information and service for our customers. The success of our customers and their clients is our number one priority.  We accommodate the real estate experience with our innovative thinking and real-time problem solving, providing a quality product focused on customer service.”

— Mark & Kathy Pesa - Owners/Partners